Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good day! 

Before anything else, see that verse up there? One of my favorite verse. Yes! we can all do things through Christ who strengthens us. If we believe we have hope and faith. Just trust in the lord. 

Okay.. Let's start.

Hi pet lovers! what's your name of your pet? Hmm.. That's great! Well, i don't exactly own a dog, but i just want to share with you about my experience with a dog that i don't own.

Look at that dog isn't he cute? Yes, that's the dog what I'm talking about. I have a friend who owns a Japanese Spitz dog, and every time i visited him that dog first welcomes me in his home. By the way, his name is Fuji. Look so cute right? :) Anyway, Honestly, at first i hate dogs i don't like dogs by the way! because i have an experience when i was at 3 i had been bite by a dog, which is i really hate it because it remains scared until now. It so sad but it's okay. :D So, let's go back to that dog. First look at him is very scary because of his clever face and he always barks at you if he don't knows you. Since then every time i visited the house of my friend, i always bring him dog foods, (but i want to buy him a funny dog costumes :D) he started to know me and lessen his barks at me. (lol) :D He can smells and knows you quickly every time you will enter the house. Even he has that cheap dog supplies he will not complaint. But you know what touches my heart with this dog, he wants to sleep together with my friend and he will complaint if the owner doesn't want to. So cute right? :D And also my friend  told me that his dog is an alarm clock, she always barks at 5am-6am or until the owner will wake up.So cool! I also used to go with my friend every time he goes to a pet supply store to buy some for the cutie dog.

Until.. (oooh! i don't want talk about this T_T) but this is the saddest part of my experience with him. :( Until, i heard that he's passed away already and i didn't even play with him with his last day of his existence. You know what i cried even i don't own him, it feels like i have him for very long time. But i already move on. And he will stays at my heart forever. Good bye Fuji! :)



  1. I was bit by a dog when I was a child but I knew the dog didn't mean to hurt me, it was just doing it's job. So glad that you have learned about loving dogs- thy warm our hearts in ways that no other of God's creatures can!

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